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Current Version: 2.5.0 # 11 Dec. 2018 Changelog

Modern Desgin

Rolan is designed for Windows 10 and presets lots of nice themes, you can also create your own theme by customizing.

Various Themes


Launchpad is similar to Windows 10 start menu, but includes lots of enhancements. It can manage apps, working files, and web addresses. You can call and hide it in various ways. And you can also find the content easily by search.

Hotkey Bindings

Search & Commands

Cooming soon.

Hotkey Bindings

Hotkey Bindings can bind a specific action to a global hotkey, press the hotkey to perform the appropriate action. The action can launch apps, system functions and quick operation, it can also be used in conjunction with other components of Rolan.

Hotkey Bindings

Tasks & Reminder

Tasks and Reminders can help you set up scheduled tasks, alarms and to-dos. You can set up scheduled tasks by "Tasks", which can do some automatic operations, such as shutdown, restart, and so on. And it can also remind you something what you want to do next by "Reminders".


Notes can store some text, support for Cloud Sync, suitable for mild to moderate use. It can be the perfect combination with Hotkey Bindings.


Cloud Sync

Cloud Sync can back up the entire configuration of Rolan, you can upload and download them at any time, and don't have to worry about data loss.

Cloud Sync

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